Benvenuti su S'atra Sardigna, produttori biologici dal 1982


organic production


S’atra Sardigna is a cooperative of over 300 organic farmers who work at the forefront of protecting the environment, using a supportive and sustainable way of doing organic farming

  • Organic quality
  • Environmental sustainability

S’Atra Sardigna was founded in 1982 and has been involved in environmentally sustainable production activities since the beginning, using the organic farming method.

Since 2003, S'atra Sardigna has been a Producer Organization. Today the membership basis is close to 100 fruit and vegetable producers and livestock producers.

Since 2003, S'atra Sardigna has been a Producer Organization. Today the membership basis is close to 100 fruit and vegetable producers and livestock producers.


S’Atra Sardigna Cooperative is the largest producer in the organic sector in Sardinia, organized to satisfy the regional, national and foreign market, a reality which has grown over the years thanks to difficult but successful choices. Its strength lies in the fact that it has managed to gather more than 100 members representing over 300 Sardinian organic fruit and vegetable producers and livestock producers, offering a selection of the best organic producers of the island.

Behind the Cooperative there are many stories and realities sharing great values of which S’Atra Sardigna is the representative: from the beginning, in fact, the greatness of the brand has been linked to the principles on which the Cooperative has built its whole activity – collaboration and support for local producers, respect for the environment and the final consumer – always putting the spotlight on the principles of environmental sustainability and cooperation.

The support of S’atra Sardigna to the producer members is concretely implemented through the annual planning, and the organization of the production and sale of organic products.

S’Atra Sardigna bases its commitment on economic and social democracy:
– Reinvesting in the company and creating a common growth
– Defining production programs, pricing policies and common technical guidelines through sector meetings
– Creating an internal commercial structure, integrated and articulated, on the membership basis
– Paying the working members not on the basis of sales, but in compliance with the agreed employment contracts.


Founded in 1982 as a small company, S’Atra Sardigna Agricultural Cooperative initially dealt with earthworm breeding. Then, it began to take its first steps in the sectors of vegetables and pecorino cheese.

In the early 1990s, it started to export organic products, such as pecorino cheeses and vegetables, which were sold on the German market directly to German regional distributors of specialized shops, thus managing to skip the steps of national intermediation.

In 1994 there was a further increase of 50% in its annual turnover, thanks, above all, to the growth on the foreign market: the Cooperative, which initially used public money for the investments made up to that moment, determining its growth, proudly decided to give up the community contributions for the organic sector; their philosophy is that the accounts must first of all balance with the sales volume!

The Cooperative followed a further growth path and, in 1997, the first lot of the new Packaging Plant was built – an investment of one billion Lire – while in a little less than two years the turnover exceeded 4 billion Lire.

In 1999 a new bet proved successful: the opening of Emporio del Naturale in Cagliari, with its butcher’s shop. A courageous challenge, given that the new shop would begin to operate in competition with the first shop of the Cooperative, also in Cagliari, and considering that the organic products of S’Atra Sardigna were then present on an ongoing basis at the local mass retail channel.
A courageous challenge, but a won challenge!

In 2000 the Cooperative climbed from the second over the third millennium still in strong growth: two new stores Emporio del Naturale were opened in Olbia and Sassari, and the range of products transformed by the Cooperative is rationalized and expanded. In those years, the Cooperative also specialized in direct supply to organic shops in Italy.
This was also the first year in which the Cooperative sold its fresh products in the famous Esselunga supermarket chain, confirming its successful presence in the national territory.


In the following year, also following the “mad cow” scandal, the entire national and European organic sector exploded, leading to a growth of almost 25% in the Cooperative sales volume: the business partners in this period have become about eighty. The Agricultural Cooperative S’Atra Sardigna is definitively confirmed as a great reality in the organic sector. Since 2003, it has been officially structured as a Producer Organization. Fruit and vegetable producers and livestock producers entered the Cooperative as new members: the membership base was then close to 90 associates.
This growth also required not only strengthening the internal activities, such as the technical office, but, in the following year, also expanding the production line:

in fact, a new tomato processing line for the Camone variety was put into operation and, immediately after, an investment was made in a European prototype machine to process vine tomatoes.
At the end of 2007, the total turnover rose to over 4 million euros. This year also marked the launch of the fourth store in Quartu Sant’Elena, near Cagliari.

In those years, S’Atra Sardigna explored the foreign market with more conviction and expanded the commercial office. In 2010 there was a further growth of the stores in Cagliari, with the opening of the fifth one in Via dei Visconti, and the renovation of the Emporio in Vico Barone Rossi, larger and more rational.
In the meantime, the sales volume exceeded 5 million euros and the producer members became 100.

In 2011, with six stores to its name, the Cooperative chose to tackle decisively the catering segment in line with the idea of agriculture, rural development and nutrition that has always characterized its activity: producing while protecting the environment and consumers’ health.

In that year, “GUSTOBIO”, the first organic restaurant in Sardinia opened: it was born with the desire to rediscover the tastes of organic products of the earth and to pass down, through genuine products, the culture and identity that characterize the producers’ choices. With simple combinations of genuine raw materials, the taste and correct nutrition that distinguish our agricultural culture were enhanced together.

The year 2011 also marked the construction of the Italian Sales Network, with over a dozen national agents dedicated to marketing the products processed by S’Atra Sardigna Cooperative to the stores in the rest of Italy.
From 2013 to 2018, especially the fruit and vegetable sector developed, approaching a turnover of €2,800,000. The Cooperative receives the important recognition of the Organization of Producers (OP) for the sheep cheese sector: for S’Atra Sardigna this is the second most important sector as regards sales volume (€1,000,000).

The overall turnover of S’Atra Sardigna in 2018 was already €9,000,000 and remained the same in the following years, despite the economic and social crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In 2022, S’Atra Sardigna has promoted BioDistretto Sud Sardegna and Arcipelago del Sulcis, which takes on, among others, the dairy sector as a field of intervention for the eco-friendly rural development of the area.