Benvenuti su S'atra Sardigna, produttori biologici dal 1982

Organic seasoned pecorino cheese Fiore Sardo PDO

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Produced exclusively with whole sheep milk, is a hard raw sheep milk cheese


Organic seasoned pecorino cheese Fiore Sardo PDO is produced in Sardinia according to specific artisan processing techniques with ancient roots. It is a hard, raw, seasoned cheese, produced exclusively with whole fresh sheep milk, coagulated with lamb or kid rennet. The milk comes from Sardinian grazing sheep farms.
The paste is placed inside special moulds which shape it into the characteristic “mule’s back” shape. The pecorino cheese wheels are put in brine for a short period and then subjected to a light natural smoking. After this process, the wheels are left to seasoning. Fiore Sardo PDO is an excellent table cheese if used within the first two months of ripening and, with a ripening of over six months, an excellent pecorino cheese for grating.


The rind of organic seasoned pecorino cheese Fiore Sardo PDO varies from yellow to dark brown. Its paste, with a variable spicy taste depending on the stage of ripening, is white or light yellow.


Organic seasoned pecorino cheese

Nutrition facts for 100 gr: Fats 32 g (50% dry matter), Proteins 30 g, Sugars < 0,5 g, Salt (NaCl) < 1,85 g, Calories 400 Kcal – 1672 Kj
Ingredients: organic raw sheep milk, sea salt, lamb rennet
Storage: 4°C in case of vacuum-sealed storage; 6-8°C in absence of vacuum-sealed storage


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