Benvenuti su S'atra Sardigna, produttori biologici dal 1982

Sardinian organic pecorino cheese by S’atra Sardigna

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Organic pecorino cheese with a sweet and aromatic taste, made in Sardinia


Sardinian organic pecorino cheese by S’atra Sardigna, produced from organic farming, is a sweet cheese with an aromatic taste, with a short ripening period, which varies from 20 to 90 days for the sweet Sardinian pecorino cheese and from 3 to 12 months for the more seasoned one, which acquires a pleasantly spicy and full taste, and a harder and more consistent structure, which makes it suitable also as a grating cheese.


Sweet pecorino cheese by S’atra Sardigna has a compact, soft paste, slightly holed in its less seasoned form. With the progress of ripening, the paste tends to a straw colour, is more compact and the holes are sparser.


Sweet pecorino cheese (ripening 20/90 days – 3/12 months)


Nutrition facts for 100 gr: Fats 33 g, Proteins 25 g, Sugars < 1 g, Salt (NaCl) < 1 g, Calories 398 Kcal – 1666 Kj

Ingredients: organic sheep milk, sea salt, lamb rennet

Storage: 4°C in case of vacuum-sealed storage; 6-8°C in absence of vacuum-sealed storage

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